Where to start. While it may mean the common blackbird, Amsel is anything but common. Once you meet her you'll never forget her. She's empathetic and mature, but don't let that fool you, because she's also one of the funnest people you'll ever meet. She is never selfish, and will always worry about others before herself. She's often the mastermind behind surprise parties and making other people feel special. She loves tabasco - probably too much. But that's okay, because just being around her smile is worth eating almost a whole bottle with every meal. She has dark, shiny hair, kind of like the wings of a common blackbird. And while she's probably short, her bright personality makes her stand 80000000 feet tall. If you've never met an Amsel, then I suggest you go out and find one - because you're missing out.
Wow that girl is such an Amsel!
I know, she's the best right?
by Carefreehag December 27, 2021