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Somewhat metrosexual - used to describe those men showing latent metrosexual tendencies such as owning hair straighteners and excessive knowledge of skincare products.

Originates from "A Metro". As in

q: Is that dude A Metro?

a: Well, he is A Metro...ish

Over time shortened to Ametro-ish, then finally Amrish.
That dude is stupidly well dressed, is he batting for the other team?

Nah man, he is just a bit Amrish, don't sweat, he ain't gonna hit on you..... much.
by RedMill May 18, 2009
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A kind and innocent RICH man who is always there for his friends and family and never lets anyone down...Watch out he does what he says xo🤗
Kind Generous Reliable OMG he's such an amrish
by Queen B xx October 13, 2016
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