A cute boy you can't just stop thinking of even if you tried. He is super handsome and attractive. Every girl wants him, every guy wants to be his friend.
That boy sweet eh, he must be amrish
by Pineapple_princess October 17, 2019
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A kind and innocent RICH man who is always there for his friends and family and never lets anyone down...Watch out he does what he says xo🤗
Kind Generous Reliable OMG he's such an amrish
by Queen B xx January 29, 2016
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Somewhat metrosexual - used to describe those men showing latent metrosexual tendencies such as owning hair straighteners and excessive knowledge of skincare products.

Originates from "A Metro". As in

q: Is that dude A Metro?

a: Well, he is A Metro...ish

Over time shortened to Ametro-ish, then finally Amrish.
That dude is stupidly well dressed, is he batting for the other team?

Nah man, he is just a bit Amrish, don't sweat, he ain't gonna hit on you..... much.
by RedMill May 18, 2009
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Amrish is a mix blood person that was born in singapore.
I met Amrish in a shopping mall.
by lincon ferrow November 23, 2021
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