Ameri(can) + mutt (mongrel)
A racial slur, most oftenly used by Europeans, reffering to the "white" part of the population of the US and its dubious purity, i.e. how white and european they really are. The term is associated with various other insults and fallacies against americans, most notably "le 56% Face" (a meme reffering to the alleged percentage of caucasian persons in the US) and "la Creatura" (a popular internet comic also mocking the dubious "whiteness" of americans).
The term is beleived to originate in the mid 2010s from european users as a response to the ridicule of the immigration crisis in Europe by american users who oftenly claimed thet "Europe isnt white anymore" (because of the 3rd world immigration). The european response to this was quite fast (since american demographics are quite well known and mocked around the world) and was apparently effective.

However the term Amerimutt and associated slurs and insults continue to be used to this day by anyone wishing to point out the dubious "whiteness" of americans or to simply trigger them for fun (as insulted replies are usually guaranteed).
"Lol europoor isnt even white anymore."

"Big words coming from an amerimutt."
"Whiter than u muhammad!!!1!"!!"

"t. la Creatura"
by Death Squads April 4, 2018
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A shallow Human being who has some European ancestry and some non Eurasian Genes, who copes with reality by believing he/she is part of a great civilization or race, usually modern German or ancient Roman. Yet they specialize in self hating, making myths of themselves, and believe they are important to humankind, which they are, if they were a dumpster of a race.
The thing who wrote this is a Amerimutt
by Madeline favorite retard July 21, 2023
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