A common name for a female in the espionage line of work, specifically for Russia. Amela's are usually hot-headed bombshells ready to blow in the streets and in the sheets. Amela's are huge nerds but like hot nerds. Amela's are really good at turning gay guys straight and then leaving them awkwardly, causing blue balls. Amela's have really strong personalities and are funny in the mean-witty kind of way and will roast anyone without giving a fuck.
"Dude I think Amela's trying to get in my pants"
"Nah man shes just trying to get you to spill government secrets"
by amelaluvr123 September 01, 2019
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Wonderful, extreamly intelligent, hot, interesting, absolutely amazing woman, any man would be lucky to get!
"Your wife is so hot, she's an Amela."
by Someone won't tell who February 05, 2010
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