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A girl that can make anyone smile, laugh, and feel better no matter what they've been through. Can cause contagious smiles, grins and grimaces.
Boy1: "I'm not afraid of evil clowns anymore."

Boy2: "This is great! What happened?!?"

Boy1: "Ambra" (grinning).....:)"

Boy2: (grinning)....:)
by justanotherdeadboy April 15, 2014
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A female who is highly regarded amongst friends, and in the social sector.

Someone funny, smart, unique, good looking and better than most other losers on the planet (and not afraid to let you know)

A fuckin mad bitch!...
Hey that Ambra is cool...

Yeh - she's a fuckin mad bitch!
by Lizard5000 May 06, 2008
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A very narcissistic sanctimonious bitch. A Ambra believes she is the best and will do any thing (and anyone) only to benefit herself. If you happen to meet an Ambra watch out she may seem sweet but it's a fake front.
by thepersonwithoutaname January 03, 2010
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