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An extremely beautiful girl, is very independent but still depends on her significant other and her family. She may be hard to handle but that is the result of her optimistic, wild and crazy personallity. Amberlyn is extremely easy to love and I always will. Shes my bestfriend<3 Amberlyn is gorgeous, one of a kind, all I'll ever want and need, and simply perfect. She may have her flaws but so does everyone else, I fell in love with all of it. Amberlyn is smart, outgoing, insane, and dangerous with the water hose! I'll always be here for Amberlyn, she is like a precious gem: hard to find yet lucky to have. She is my precious gem. Amberlyn has a big heart, very active. If she likes you youll know it, if not, well...youll know that too. She is a funloving, silly, untamable, crazy woman. She will always be my number one. I love you Amberlyn, forever and always.
I swear Im going to marry Amberlyn, just give me two and a half years!
by Danni Marie November 25, 2010
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Carefree, gorgeous, down to party, always 100% sure, never on time, loves to clean and eat tacos, would do best in a big city like houston, amazing friend, nobody should ever have to go without a friend like amberlyn,especially for a half a year.
Im really going to miss Amberlyn when I move to Houston.
Amberlyn should really move to Houston with me.
by kmswillmissu December 14, 2010
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Brown hair, hazel eyes, master commander. Will eventually rule the universe. Doesn't take crap from anyone but will do anything for her true friends. Strong, independent, most likely to succeed.
Watch out, Amberlyn will be in charge one day.
by Clarklyn November 27, 2013
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A tiny human who loves tacos and milkshakes. A wine mom in training. She's not nearly as boujee as her name would suggest. Amberlyn is a crazy feminist who wears flower crowns and fights every day to crush the patriarchy. She broke out of her small town to take over the world with her liberal superpowers.
Everyone should aspire to be like Amberlyn.
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by modie.1 April 26, 2017
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