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A fabulous person who is extremely beautiful. She's loud,crazy and a savage. Her interests are fashion,music,shopping,anime, video games and food. She's a great friend and is there to listen to your problems. Get on the wrong side of her and you will be sorry. Makes friends really quickly. Doesn't care what people think. Isn't afraid to speak her mind if she's got something to say she will say it. She can be really hyper at times. Tends to keep her feelings to herself. Has a lot of friends. Really chill and the most fabuloussss person you have ever meet. If you need any advice about fashion ask Amarah.
Girl one: "Hey do you know were i can get some advice about fashion?"

Girl two: "Sure! Go to Amarah her fashion is dope and shes a fashion queen!"
by Starr Queeen August 07, 2017
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Amarah (AH MA RAH)

1. Can be defined as a beautiful, exotic girl with dope taste in music, a love of Asian boys, Louis Vuitton, Red Bull and pancakes.
2. Her love of The Weekend is unparalleled, and any guy who can sing in a falsetto totally steals her heart.
3. Amarah is a name associated with Pakistan, so it's likely Amarah is probably Pakistani.
4. She's gangster, but in a non-destructive way.
5. Amarah is probably internet famous and does freelance website designing in her free time.
6. Amarahs are usually your go-to girl who loves to give and receive the best advice. She tells you like it is, but is such a sweet heart.
7. Amarah might call you profanities, but the more she refers to you as a big basket of limp dicks, the more she probably really really likes you and values you as a person. (Or you really are a basket of limp dicks.)
"Oh hey I think that girl Amarah loved my anime drawing of her. I think I'll wife her."

"Hey did you hear? Amarah touched my dick and it turned to gold. I sold my dick on the Silk Road. Damn Amarah."

"Did you see that hot japanese boy? Yeah back off because he's AMARAH'S YOU DIRTY NASTY BASKET OF LIMP DICKS."
by c*nt October 02, 2013
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The name of an extremely cute internet model found on some online communities. Much of her popularity is attributed to her unique style--often stunting new street wear and expensive couture. Most commonly seen wearing Louis Vuitton, Supreme, HUF, Givenchy, Fatlace, Icecream, Pyrex, Alexander Wang, Hermes, and etc. Amarah is aesthetically gorgeous in every way possible, from her sexy doll-like appearance to her upbeat and creative personality. If you're lucky enough to have her respond to your messages, you could probably talk to her for hours about Pokemon, coffee, hip hop, fashion, chillstep, art, cartoons, and video games. Definitely one of the most chillest and fucking kawaiiest girls you'll ever meet. You could probably catch her somewhere in Wisconsin if you look carefully. She'll be the only small foreign chick with breathtaking eyes and beautiful long hair, wearing some of the dopest fashion you'll ever catch in this state, guaranteed. If there's an energy drink in her hand and/or she's trying to beatbox some terrible Chief Keef instrumental, you'll know it's her.
everyone: who dat bitch
me: dat bitch amarah
by oknope July 23, 2014
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Amarah’s favorite hobby it to talk and she is very sassy. She loves to make friends with lunch ladies and is in love with Asian boys.
Amarah: I like soup
by rorybandit January 31, 2018
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