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She is a down to earth, AMAZING girl. She has a nice body and she got that booty. She always knows how to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. She is very loyal and the boys love her !! She is so intelligent and Amahles make amazing friends. They especially love to dance and have a talent for entertainment. Every girl needs a Amahle in their life!!
You see that girl over there .... she's definitely a Amahle
by White girl with a booty August 16, 2017
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A man/boy that’s goes around spreading the joys of: memes, gifs, spingbing (fucked up shit), and most like something to do with sex or sexuality. Other than that he/she is a genuine person who is cool to hang around and is a good friend.
Person: what a lovely day
Amahle: look at this meme about Jiz.....(2hours later) oh and this meme vid about sponge bob.
by B.G.L.T June 13, 2018
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