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Usually a red head or blonde. A girl who can rock heelies and even the weirdest outfits. She stands out from the crowd and has major swag. An Amadea will stick with you through everything and is a very loyal friend to have.
She makes a lot of bad jokes that will make you laugh until you cry. An Amadea is the best friend you could ever wish for and she'll give you major street cred.
Hey dude look over there! That girl is totally rocking those heelies!

Yeah dude she's a total Amadea.
by Emgo April 19, 2015
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A rare name with good meaning
Derived from Latin: meaning "Gods Beloved" or "Loved by God"
Also the female form of the names "Amadeo, Amadeus"

Amadea is ususally a very busty bodacious woman. Very attractive, and with a fantastic fashion sense. She is easy to entertain and is usually very kind, sweet and loving. She is always willing to help you when you are down. However she has a bad side that nobody wants to get on the wrong side of. Popular with mostly male friends, Amadea finds it easy to get a boyfriend, and is compatible with many personalities. Amadeas are highly intelligent and smart, make bad but funny jokes, use good sarcasm, and typically enjoy books, music and movies. She is very sexual and loves to have sex and is proud of her sexuality and is rarely ashamed. She can easily control her weight, and has lots of confidence. In relationships, Amadeas treat their partners well and always make them fall deply in love with them. Amadeas are generous, honest and sensitive. It is easy to gain support and empathy from her. She is rarely conservative, and when she is she is still a kind hearted person who respects others. All people should aspire to be/be with an Amadea.
Person 1: Wow how lovely is that girl over there?

Person 2: Must be an Amadea, i bet she has a great personality too.
by Bob Cinnabutterz July 24, 2015
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Pretty cool girl. Relatively short, blond hair, tends to like short guys with brown hair... has a dent on her forehead
wow, i just smacked my head real hard, now i look like Amadea
by splash96 February 21, 2010
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one of those indie girls who are so isolated from society that they dont even know what a 'beaver' is
they also tend to be hyperactive and fall in love with gay guys from france
Example 1:
friend(girl): omg all these period pains my beaver hurts so much!

amadea: wut?

Example 2:
random 1: omg is that a hyperactive indie girl who doesnt know what her own beaver is and falls in love with gay guys from france?

random 2: yea what an amadea
by mr. burger December 14, 2010
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