If you have a girl and then you cheat on her with her penger friend you are always winning.
Cassiun is always winning
by The sauce kid January 25, 2019
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The undeniable truth. Taylor Swift always wins. Karma loves her. Whenever someone wrongs her, things inexplicable take a turn for the worse for that unfortunate person. God loves Taylor Swift!
by no offense y'all November 16, 2017
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1) Nothing beats a raw abundance of natural resources; not intelligence, not sophistication; not will-to-win; not experience.

2) Men will always choose base sensuality over other character traits.

3) In improtu beauty contests - as might be conducted at nifht club or bar - only women with larger than average breasts have a serious chance at winning.
Distracted by the conviction that Northerners were awkward city boys the Confederacy forgot that the Umion had more men, more steel and more gunpowder; and that big tits always win.
by jls822! January 9, 2015
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