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These people who turn up every now and then to alternative venues becuase they think its for them (for the night, as the rock chick look is in this week!). They come complete in the "right" outfit, generic baggy jeans/a rocking kilt(very punk!) a top from eg-New Look that says something like "punk rock chick" on it. They might also be wearing stripey socks and have recently dyed their hair black, or be wearing a hat, possibly a trucker cap. All the other time they can be found living chavish lives, and wont openly admit to people they think about "alternativeness", just as at an alternative venue they wont admit to liking anything except err umm greenday! they rock!
Alternichav:"Hi I'm Amanda, its my first time down here"
Club goer:"Hi there, what kinda music you like?"
Alternichav:"Umm, you know, like punk rock"
Club goer:"Oh, whose your favourite band?"
Alternichav:"Busted! They totally rock! Boys with guitars are gods!"
Club goer:"goodbye"
by emo_racoon January 15, 2005
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The large 'dignified' group that fit in between the alternative groups such as punk, emo and indie, and the chav groups. Alteranchavs are easily identified by their high street clothes (New Look, Topman and River Island) and the fact that they always sit near the chavs at school, in hope of being 'promoted'. This is not to say that they know they want to be chavs, it is all a deep psychological need. If you need to identify an alternachav in a hurry, just ask them who The Shins are. Or shout out 'The chavs need a new cronie!' at the top of your voice.
Emo: Hey, heard The Shins new album?
Alternachav: Yeah, totally.
Emo: Ha! They don't have a new album!
Alternachav: LikeshutupIdontknownuffinaboutnuffin
by Stephen W. Thomas February 22, 2005
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