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Alt-white: Accolade bestowed by minorities to sensible Caucasians with an inclusive worldview is the ultimate alt-white site
by Hahid February 11, 2017
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AltWhite or Alt-right.
An alternative to naming each major brand of bigotry individually.
A cross between Alt-right pronounced in a childish mispronunciation (as "wittle baby") and White Supremacists, Nationalists Neo-nazis and the KKK, all in one easy, character saving, hastag friendly, emasculating term.
These groups claim to be different from each other. The Alt-right is a rebranding, Bigorty 2.0 for the era in Trump's America who've unapologeticly hijacked the GOP.
The term empowers them and gives them brand recognition, a sense of pride while at the same time gives them a term to hide behind that "distances" themselves from Neo-nazis by claiming to be conservatives and good republicans which emboldenes them to surface into the main stream.

This also can comically disassoce them from the rest of white people as in "You don't represent white people, you're AltWhite"
The Alt-White demonstrators carried torches shouting "The Jews will not replace us"
"The AltWhite terrorist rammed his car, ISIS style into protestors, killing 1 injuring many"
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by Xi0K August 21, 2017
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