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All or Nothing is a song by one of the dopest bands in pop music, Milli Vanilli. The song is actually quite similar to their history. For example, one of the singers say "If you want to get down with Mr. P, just go and let your backbone slide." Basically, the singer (either Milli or Vanilli, I don't know) is telling the audience if you want to be in Milli Vanilli, your backbone must actually slide out from you, because there is no way you can morally continue on with it lodged under your skin.

All or Nothing also could a point where you either get all of something or nothing at all. Like I'm going to get mad sex with a supermodel or bus ticket. Some fried chicken or dirt.
"All or Nothing is a song that mirror Milli Vanilli's fall from power due to the greedy nature of the music industry."

"Man, I can either get terrible head from Courtney Love or I get a turkey sandwich. It's all or nothing, motherfucker."
by Jason R. July 05, 2006
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