Purposely fasting to build up an extreme appetite, then eating extremely unhealthy foods that pretty much defeats the purpose of fasting in the first place. An ineffective if not self destructive way to lose weight.
Day 2. No Food. I'm thinking of going All or Nothing on those double bacon cheeseburgers. mmmmm.
by GrontleGums October 5, 2023
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All or Nothing is a song by one of the dopest bands in pop music, Milli Vanilli. The song is actually quite similar to their history. For example, one of the singers say "If you want to get down with Mr. P, just go and let your backbone slide." Basically, the singer (either Milli or Vanilli, I don't know) is telling the audience if you want to be in Milli Vanilli, your backbone must actually slide out from you, because there is no way you can morally continue on with it lodged under your skin.

All or Nothing also could a point where you either get all of something or nothing at all. Like I'm going to get mad sex with a supermodel or bus ticket. Some fried chicken or dirt.
"All or Nothing is a song that mirror Milli Vanilli's fall from power due to the greedy nature of the music industry."

"Man, I can either get terrible head from Courtney Love or I get a turkey sandwich. It's all or nothing, motherfucker."
by Jason R. July 6, 2006
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A Better Way Of Telling Some One To Shut The Fuck Up.

Also, What Most People Know Anyways.
Person A: Hey You Wanna Know Something?
Person B: You Know What?
Person A: What?
Person B: You Know Tow Things.
Person A: What Are They?
Person B: Fuck All And Nothing.
by Jane-Lane July 4, 2008
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A movie(or musical)made by Disney, the second of the High School series which sucked worst then the fist one. yet despite of this children still seem to like it, but that's probably cause they think in high school people just randomly break into song, and then when the "bad guy" turns you to their side your friends over react and stop hagging out with you, then in the end when you finally pull our head outta your ass you see that you were wrong your friends take you back and then bad guys turn good and we all live happily ever after.
Maria: did you see high school musical???

Jay-lin: na, that movie is for losers and homos, or kids that will grow up to be losers and homos.

Maria: well anyway, they came out with a new one called high school musical 2: Sing it all or nothing!!!!!

Jay-lin: joy to the fruity world!!!!!!!
by Dannie T. August 24, 2007
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You have to be fucking kidding me. Fuck disney.
Loser 1: OMG dude there's gonna be a sequel to High School Musical!!!!

Loser 2: OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS! That's like my most favoritest movie everrrr!!!!!

Loser 1: YA and better yet it has an awesome name: High School Musical 2: Sing It All Or Nothing!


Non-Loser: There's been a lot of crap that Disney has come out with but COME ON. If High School Musical wasn't the biggest piece of shit ever made, High School Musical 2 trumps it just with its faggot title. God I hate Disney.
by disneysucks December 2, 2006
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Are you cereal?
Now INSTEAD of watching high school musical 100 times a month, we can watch high school musical 2!!
High school musical is just arip off of Grease that Family uses to make tonnes of money off of 10 year old skanks who try and be "cool".
Tyranna :OMG Dude! Did you hear! High school musical 2 is out!!

Sydney: Yeah its so cool! I feel so cool just SAYING High School Musical 2: Sing It All Or Nothing!

Me:You guys are retarded.
by Samanthaa* August 17, 2007
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I'll have to watch High School Musical 2: Sing it all or nothing! but first ill read the book, a nice Disney movie which anyone can enjoy by the way just ignore the haters they don't know what fun means these days.

Its in all teen/tween magazines for teens aged 9-20 (ok 20 isn't a teenager but they do go up to that age)
And in the teen/tween magazines it says that Zac, Corbin and Lucas are all heart throbs.

See it in:
TV Hits, Its Hot, Bliss, Sugar, Mizz , Shout, Top of the pops and maybe Cosmo Girl but i'll have to check with that.

Don't worry if your over 14 and you like it, Disney is for all ages thats why their called Family Movies
Non Depressed person: High School Musical and High School Musical 2: Sing it all or nothing! like many Disney films is cute and fun yes the songs might be abit silly/cheesey but so what its Disney

Depressed Person who doesn't know what fun is: Umm it sucks Zac Efron is not attractive neither is Corbin Blu or Lucas Grabeel

Zac Efron - Troy Bolton
Corbin Blu - Chad Danforth
Lucas Grabeel - Ryan Evans

And I will be so going to see High School Musical 3 the senior year.
by Doicare February 15, 2008
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