All New is a phrase that is used by advertisers to express that a product is allegedly very different from its predecessor or the prior art. While this phrase may have had a lot of meaning at some point, it has really lost that meaning through overuse and misuse. For example, a 2009 version of car with minor changes compared to the 2008 version may be marketed as "the all new X car." Also of note, the phrase may be used for a long period of time after an introduction of a product or service, so the "new" part of "all new" has also lost some significance. For example, in July of this year car manufacturers will still likely be marketing a car as the "all new x car" even though it has been available since September of the previous year.
The "All New" Porsche 911 with revised styling.
by joethepatent July 11, 2008
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WOW! This All New Volvo XC90 Sure is Impressive!”
by Apollo25 September 4, 2020
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You basically got bored and decided to find a new definition for Urban Dictionary but on your way to find it, you saw the Google sorting options and just typed it out. Cause I also did the same thing.
me: what other definitions are there bro, i ran out!
also me: lemme look. oh, {sees All Images News Videos More} i'll give it a shot.
by fuckboytoallnations April 8, 2022
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