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A Syndrome where all the males of a group believe that a female (in said group), is far more desirable than she really is. The defining characteristic of this syndrome is that all the rest of the females (either being crazy or unattractive), make this particular female appear desirable. Alice Syndome specifically occurs in small groups where there is no outside competition from females. Alice syndrome is quite common and effects all clicks equally.
Friend 1: Don't you think Vanessa is hot?!
Friend 2: Hell yeah! She is so freaking hot! What do you think?
Friend 3: I think Vanessa is hotter than Katie, but Vanessa isn't that hot. You guys must have Alice Syndrome or something...
by The Turkish Pastery Chef September 11, 2009
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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Females who refuse to mature into adulthood. In early illustrations Alice wore mary janes and babydoll dress. Alice also had a kitten. In the opening sequence Alice is a daydreamer under the care of her older sister for the afternoon. The mature sister serves as a stark contrast and womanly example for Alice and for those with the syndrome. The story is basically her desire to eat sweets under a tree while talking to her cat all day.

Headbands, bangs, mary jane shoes, glitter on sweaters, pleated skirts, candy stash in purse, scrapbooking by candle light, taking naps, talking or singing to yourself for extended periods of time, hello kitty everything, colouring, glitter pens or pens with those fluffy things at the top, wearing kids' backpacks, heavily favouring Disney movies/movies with elaborate old-timey costumes/movies with singing and dancing, playing in make up for hours on end with emphasis on the colours pink, purple or glitter, cat stroking, majoring in English, etc. are all symptoms of this debilitating disease.
Alexa Chung has Alice Syndrome.
by DrPepperChapstick January 18, 2014
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