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The branch of mathematics that incorporates all four main branches of mathematics.(AL-gebra-GEOME-try-TRIG-onometry-calc-ULUS) If you are at all involved with AGTC, you are part of an elite group of individuals who are higher than humanity, as AGTC incorporates theorems that explain the universe completely. An example of such a theorem is:

As x approaches the square root of an imaginary number divided by zero to the power of infinity, the corresponding y, z, q, and omega values derive each other's integrals according to the sine and tangent vaules of their triangular mediation, henceforth proving that gravity is caused by flexation of the time-space continuum and that objects that travel in a straight line in space adjacent to a large mass will curve toward the center of the mass because of this flexation, and that the universe will implode when we discover how to travel back in time. This also proves that the universe will be exactly 2,235,756,234,123,679,236,458,001.4738926124368901235 years old at the point that spacetime will rip in half because of dark energy expansion.

Anyone who tries to understand this theorem who isn't an Algeometrigulologist will lose thier mind and die due to nuclear meltdown caused by the spontaneous fission of uranium molecules in the brain because of the rapid firing of neurons using 110% of the brain's mental capacity. Extreme caution should be taken when reading a book on Algeometrigulus.
Brian: Hey man, did you see that article in Algeometrigulus monthly the other day about the origin of light after the big bang?

Fred: (head asplode)

Brian: ... (understands)

Fred: (dead)

Brian: (head asplode)
by Algeometrigulus October 12, 2010
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