756 is the number of home runs required to break Hank Aaron's career record of 755 home runs. The record was "broken" in 2007 by Barry Bonds and a steroid-filled syringe. For this reason, some proposed than an asterisk be placed beside the number to denote a discrepancy in the "record". As Bonds is now serving hard time (and taking it hard in the ass), Hank Aaron's record still stands.
-Dude how'd you do on that test?
-I totally Barry Bonds'd it.
-No way! You cheated?
-Hell yeah man, maybe the teacher will give me a 756* on it.
by cchriss92 January 23, 2008
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1. The number of career home runs hit by Barry Bonds when he broke Hank Aaron's record. The asterisk implies that the record is tainted by Bonds' use of steroids.
Man 1: Hey, I heard you paid somebody to take the SATs for you. How did that work.

Man 2: 740/760. A total 756*. I'm going to Princeton.
by BcozTheNight November 1, 2007
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Someone who uses steroids. 756 was the number that put Barry Bonds over the top of Hank Aaron's home run record. The * was the idea of the man who purchased that home run ball, as a subscript to indicate that the record was allegedly attained with Bond's use of steroids.
Those guns are 756*.
by sparky5 November 16, 2007
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The designation given to Barry Bonds homerun "record", an asterisk after the #, indicating it wasn't a real accomplishment or true record because of his discovered use of steriods.
"The seller of the home run ball will donate it to Cooperstown only if they let him label it 756*."
by meREDith7069 December 10, 2007
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Start off with some good intentions, then convert to robo-communism. Second put a scissor lift onto your robot without knowing what you are doing. Then find out that you need a metric fuck ton of torque on your robot with gears. Lastly add tank treads onto your robot even though they are horribly inefficient, because why the fuck not.
Shouymo: Why did you put tank treads and gears on the robot Jon?
Jon: Because We are pulling a 756.
by NuggetNinja April 8, 2015
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