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The best possible form of the name Alex. It is not Alexander nor Alexandria etc!
It just so happens to be the coolest name ever documented. Anyone with this name (EXACTLY) must be awesome.
ex. Whoa did you see that chick? She is so awesome she must be an Alexanne.
by do you really not know? December 26, 2008
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Alexanne is always stubborn and salty. She is sometimes pissed for no reason but that doesn't stop her from being a queen. Alexanne tends to hide her weirdness from people she doesn't trust because she gets anxious when judged. She only has some close friends that she can trust but still has a large friend group. she is pissed easily but is easy to influence back to happiness ❤
"Who's that having a chic having a COMPLETE meltdown in the middle of art class?"
"oh its just Alexanne lol u know how she is.
by Alexanneisarat May 30, 2019
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