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A guy who is unbelievably attractive! He has an attitude that is at times unbearable, but completely unique. He is hilarious and a good listener. He is intelligent and quite the jackass. He leaves a lasting impression on all girls he plays. He is a great musician. He has a nearly unbreakable facade up at all times. He can be hard to deal with but if you can withstand his personality it is completely worth it.
O he must be an Alexandre, look at him play that guitar.
by AyyyKayyyy March 22, 2013
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Usually someone who can be described as "A freaking god". Honestly, nobody is as cool as him, but he allows them to think they are. Also, he can cook K.D and bake cookies. Just saying.
"Oh hey hey", "You sir, are gooned", "Keep calm, Chive on!" - Alexandre
by SeñorMooington September 24, 2011
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Incredibly good looking. Hilarious. Unbelievably fit. Fastest white boy you've ever seen. Has a great ass. Piercing blue eyes. Rich af and can cook like Ramsey. What more could you want?
Who was that guy you slept with? Oh Alexandré? You can call him André. He's famous now.
by TheDoctor'sWatch June 15, 2017
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A guy, hat fetish, probably drives a Datsun, has the hottest girl friend who has a girlfriend, likes a bit of weed, can cook spaghetti, usually lives with a guy called Ben and loves the jingjing.
"Sweet as", "What's doin man", "That'll buff out" - Alexandre
by Miss B ft. Gracie July 25, 2008
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tends to have an amazingly ugly qtip figure, usually with a crop of pube like hairs on his head. he probably thinks he got style but really he looks like a candy striper and probably wears trashy hoodies. pretentious as fuck. thinks hes hot but he's not. undoubtedly gay but at the same time all he would post on his blog would be tits - clearly a beard. basically a pussy overall.
"hey have you talked to that guy Alexandre?"
" ew no of course not hes pretentious as fuck"
by carrots78910 May 02, 2013
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a guy with no friends who reads books about dragon porn and likes men come to think of it alexandre isnt actually a guy just a wierd faggot with a tic tac of a dick. a weirdo not cool enough for a nickname
you are as retarded as alexandre
by yubisalure October 07, 2009
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He is an asshole that tends to disrespect everyone. He has a tiny wide penis, like his namesake, a chode. He must be referred to as chodes. There is no limit to how annoying he can be. But he is still a fat sexy beast, with a tiny dick. He also loves really skinny girls. He tries to hide his inner dirtiness and objectification of women, but everyone knows that he is dirty and likes to see women as objects. If his penis got shoved in a tuna can, it would touch the sides before touching the bottom.
He is such an alexandre, i couldnt even feel him inside me. His dick was so tiny.
by A very observant asshole June 04, 2017
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