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A girl who tends to be the kindest person there. Can light up the room with just her smile ; she is really kind and makes everyone happy, she also has beatiful brown eyes with long beautiful black eyelashes and naturally beautiful black hair.
Girl: That girl seems nice. Who's She?
Other girl: Shes Aleezay. Everyone wants to be her friend.
by SomeSortOfTing November 21, 2018
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She worships Eimilia like a religion and builds shrines for her ship with subaru. She is a fat ass, dumb ass, tryna act cool ass, shit ass feminist ass mother fucking ass. She is from Pakistan and is normally a girl name but the amount of hair she has on her arms prove otherwise, not to mention her extremely large mustache that she has to shave every morning. She is also a dumbass. The end.
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by Sherveen April 04, 2017
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a mostly double-faced person with different personalities if it were at, school, work, or home. she is seen as an innocent, good-willed person but hides a dark secret, she is a sex addict having interest but having hard sex with a guy white with piercings and tattoos.
do you know aleezay? oh, my god, she is sooo double-faced.
by lockerface June 13, 2018
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