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Twenty minutes west of Fort Worth, Aledo Texas is the place where rich snobby kids from All Saints, Country Day, Trinity Valley, Southwest Christian, name it, any FW private school...are sent by their parents if they don't feel like paying a shit ton of money to go somewhere they can party and get an education at. The football team is incredible, just like their parties. It's 20 minutes away from FW, 15 if you go over the speed limit, 10 away from Weatherford. Technically, the highschool is in an old cow pasture, but Aledo is growing so it isn't too noticeable. The kids throw sick parties. Go to a football game and you'll find kids with water bottles full of skyy or Whataburger cups full of captain morgan. Weed used to be popular, but is dying out. 1/2 the girls look old enough to be in sororities at TCU (since that's where they all go) as well as all of the wanna-be frat dad's. Skim the halls and you'll see

A) 30 people wearing polo shirts
B) 50 kids wearing sperrys
C) 5 couples making out
D) 3 pot heads
E) the one and only JGray
An hour and a half away from PK, 20 mins from FW, an hour and a half from Dallas, Aledo really is the shit.
"Dude, you go to Aledo High School?"
"I've heard they party like it's 1999 in their BMW's and audi's"
by iwannabeanAledokid September 11, 2011
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A nigger shit hole school east of Fort Worth where niggers, smelly mexicans, and weak little fortnite playing juul smoking white boy cucks who jerk each other off in the bathroom and hit their box mods go. The weed in Aledo is garbage trailer park shit that is sold for $15 to $25 a g to dumb high school kids. Every year the football team gets together to drink and smoke blunts of K2 and spice, then the Aledo High Football Team take turns fucking a blacked out drunk 13 year old girl in her ass and pussy with no rubbers.

In Aledo if you are a football player it is tradition to have your dad buy you a truck, get hammered drunk, and rape a freshman in it with 3 of your buddies in order to "christen" your new vehicle. In aledo you either dip or vape, and if you smoke its probably doo doo ass mids you buy from the trailer park next to the baseball fields on Bankhead. Don't forget to smoke k2 legal herbal blend in the school bathroom before you and *NIGGER NAME CENSORED* go rape a girls pussy on the fertile shores of weatherford lake.

The white girls at aledo are such huge sluts that most of them take xanax and fuck niggers every weekend. And of course there's the famous story of the 2 local football stars who woke up after a party to realize they had fucked a 7th grade cheerleader and her bloody panties were left abandoned on the trampoline out back. .
J gay: damn bro where did u get all these bars, shitty weed, and bleedin freshman pussyholes?
CraigMaczy: This school Aledo High School. You know their recruiting for the football team you should transfer. They will give you free steroids and a flat screen tv if you are good at football and join their team.
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by dfsgaa erfc November 11, 2018
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