Is an amazing guy, once you get to know him. He comes off as a rude and sarcastic guy, but once you get to know him you will see that he is a sweet, sensitive, and caring guy that is inside. He does like to tease, but if you give it time putting up with his teasing is worth it ;)!
I want me some Aleck.
by Fluffy111111111111111 October 8, 2010
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an amazing, sexy, and handsome man. he is a sex GOD. he will make you orgasm so good and have you moaning like a whimpering wolf. he is overall a sexy beast. if you meet an aleck, KEEP HIM FOREVER.
by idnsjss December 18, 2021
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you dont need an example with him, hes too amazing.
by i_have_no_name April 19, 2005
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Alecks Is a great person but a little brain often
Hey look its Alecks destroying stuff again
by Alecks12354 June 3, 2020
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A girl who genuinely embraces her air guitaring friends and who doesn't like things in her ear.
"Alecks loves it when I'm playing my air guitar, but hates when things are threatened to be in her ear."
by Fb4 July 16, 2007
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The ugliest teen you have ever seen in your life. He is a boy and brags about his looks, when he is disgusting. He likes being sarcastic and it can be very hurtful. He has a very deep voice and he is secretly gay. He only wants to get into girls and guys' pants. He has blonde hair, and has this really weird cough. Basically never talk to an aleck in your life, ALECK WHITE is nasty.
aleck, disgusting, gay, weird, ugly, skinny male dog
by AndreafromOhio April 26, 2009
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