When a you're is getting head, bust in yo slam piece's hair and use your cum to make one spike on the front of her head
Nick: Hey, did you get billy last night
Will: Fuck yeah boii, I pulled an albino rhino and she was pissed as shit
by Thefuckboy June 4, 2013
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You strip naked and your partner strip naked. You tell the bitch to bow down. You walk thirty paces back, and then you race for her ass. Right before you get to her, you take a flying leWap and plung your dick deep down her ass. Afterwards, you'll have to help her walking.
I albino rhinoed her so hard she trouble walking for a solid week.
by BendOver January 9, 2015
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When one guy cums in another dudes ass, then proceeds to stick his nose in it
John got an albino rhino, and now it looks like he is a lifeguard
by TheFoxyShazzam September 17, 2010
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The act of attaching a white dildo to your head and then using it to penetrate your partner.
Jill got so freaky last night she asked me to give her an albino rhino.
by tmant February 27, 2016
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A hefty, excessive in length serpent posessing one red eye, which typically lives in the trousers of a caucasian manbeast, when excited it tends to spew gargantuan amounts of vanilla milkshakes
Dude 1: I've been looking for something to worship
Dude 2: Dude, me too!
Daniel: Well gentlemen feast your eyes as I uncage the beast
Dude 1 & 2: (kneeling) All hail the Albino Rhino!
by D-daddy shizzz (spiderman) November 6, 2010
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When 5 or more males ejaculate on top of one man's face. The semen should get in his eyes making them turn bloodshot and red. One man takes a solid shit on the man's nose, making it look like a horn. This procedure will make it look like an albino rhino. Russians partake in this sexual activity.
Some bros and I decided to do a Russian Albino Rhino last night! Sucks for that guy!
by Jason Boeck October 31, 2011
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When a girl is giving head to the male and accidentaly bites the males penis and the male screams "Oh Shit" and knees her in the nostrils and then cums making a bloody concotion of cum and blood.
"She gave me a red and white albino rhino"

"Dude thats awesome"
by Care Shyxie December 4, 2011
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