Person 1: "Woah, you better put some sunscreen on your albenis before you get sunburnt!"

Person 2 (Albino): "Shut up, Carl."
by totally_not_a_stalker November 24, 2022
Albenis is a nice guy he can dress and he gets girls, but most importantly he will die for whoever is loyal to him
“Albenis is cool he is big daddy
by anonymous14602795 June 27, 2020
A beautiful amazing person that should be treated the best . They are superior to every single other person
Albenis is a great person
by Diego Rodriguez November 23, 2021
The beast boy u can find loves to chat he has a temper soo chill out with him a littel fuck boy but he makes it look good love u no matter what he olso got a big dick
Albenis alvarez is o lit dude
by Inana November 24, 2017