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alayja is a beautiful person who is always going out her way to help. even when she doesn’t help first. she’s very goofy & talented. & doesn’t take no shit when it comes to anyone. she had a idgaf attitude, it is what it is attitude. and if you fw her pray for ya damn self. buhh overall she’s a wonderful person/ friend lol.
person: lay you help so much. thank you
alayja: no problem loveeee.
by alayja mason July 13, 2018
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An amazing, beautiful, and charming girl. She loves Lilo and Stitch and is also a fan-girl. Even though her search history only consists of food, she somehow manages to be skinny AF. Sometimes she is a rude-ass but also super extra, funny and everyone has to love her, if you don't I'll stab you, in the face, with a knife.
Person: Heyy Alayja, hows your lit life?
Alayja: It's all gucci.
Person: Makes sense.
by unicourtney November 07, 2017
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