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The name Alayah is given to people who are kind, amazing, sweet, and beautiful on the inside and out. She is very friendly, easy to get along with, and has an amazing personality. She loves to laugh and read books. She can be hard to read at times but don't worry she is very trust worthy. She is smart, hard working, and an all around good person. She is an outstanding friend to everybody. When you meet Alayah, don't let her go. She's a one of a kind girl with an amazing smile, as big as her heart.
1: who's that beautiful girl with the wonderful smile?
2: that's alayah!
by simplyinlove June 04, 2012
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Alayahs are the best people you will ever meet . She is my best friend and we make grills out of tin foil . its an unusual name but she is the funniest person i know and she can rap the whole part to look at me now !
by yeahhhh budddyyy December 02, 2011
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Alayah is alayah hype cocky cute funny and annoying. She ass at 🎱 and terrible at archery and sucks at basketball she’s the worst to be on FaceTime with ever.
Rell is acting like alayah at games.
by Craftyxsheem November 25, 2018
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