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A name for a smart, caring girl. One who notices the little things about everything. One will love wholeheartedly, even if unloved back. A girl who understands things clearer and fuller than most. Alaura is an amazing person. Someone to never let go of. She can only put up with so much and sometimes she breaks down. But even when she's broken she is still just as a good friend. She's quite the perfectionist. Never take one for granted.
I want to name my daughter Alaura because I want her to be a great friend.
by Natalia Dawn December 01, 2013
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She's everything you'll ever want and need. Her smile lights up the room and being around her makes you anxious. Shes beautiful, sweet, kind, hot, and overall amazing. She's unappreciated for who she really is, most dont take the time to get to know her. Alaura can be hard to talk to and sometimes she's afraid to say how she really feels. If you meet an Alaura, take a chance on her. She really cares, dont hurt her.
Alaura makes me feel like a better person
by maddog3000 November 19, 2018
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Often times has more than one guy chasing after her, Alaura is the name of someone who is sexy, sultry, seductive & incredibly hot. She is wonderful to be around and gives excellent blow jobs :
Who's that?
That? That's Alaura.
I know, I wanna get in her pants.
by BibliophileBitch March 29, 2011
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