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When ones partner positions themselves on all fours, and the other partner smears cocaine on an enflamed hemorrhoid until it numbs. After losing total feeling in the sphincter nugget, the partner proceeds to bite down on the snow coated bulge until it explodes in his/her mouth.
I went to 18th street and asked a hooker how much would an Alaskan Volcano cost. After explaining what it was, the hooker said about tree fiddy.
by Blame The Clown February 20, 2018
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While your partner is giving you head you break her nose, right before you jizz in her mouth, causing her to bleed. Once you cum in her mouth, tape it and blow pepper in her face, causing her to sneeze the cum through her nose bleed. and there you've got an alaskan volcano.
Karlo: Yo matt! did you give Sam an Alaskan Volcano?

Matt: Yeah but I had to bring her to the emergencies to fix her nose...
Karlo: That sucks
by SWAGMAN78 August 05, 2016
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A pure ice and fire sensation leaving any girl with the best orgasam in their life. Using icy-hot and applying to your Dick then penetrating the clitoris.
Hey jimmy, "I just did an Alaskan volcano with Rachel last night".
by Jackalope January 20, 2017
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