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An incredible, amazing person that when you meet them, you will want to be with them your whole life. She (or he?!) are beautiful, fun, caring, funny, and great to be around. When you talk to them, your heart will stop altogether, as you realize that they are perfect.
Nick: Man, I had the greatest weekend of my life talking to Alaniis.

Mike: Whatever, dude. I heard she cheated on, like, 7 guys.

Nick: You should shut the hell up, you don't even know her.
by InfernoGuy29 November 06, 2010
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Alanii is a sweet, kind, and respectful person. She has poofy, curly hair. And a bubbly personality. She is often either serious or silly. Always pretty smart. Always underestimated, though. She is extremely beautiful, inside and out. Never leaves someone behind. Very classy. She got the fatty and she cute as hell. Always trustworthy, will never tell another soul.
Alanii is literally my best friend.

Alanii is so cute in that dress like yass, sus.
by Nerdy caaaandy🤓😂🤣 April 05, 2017
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