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A small city in New Mexico with few hangouts for teenagers which include: Wal-Mart,the Mall(really a hall),Sonic, Denny's and more recently, Plateau Expresso. Recently had a flood after years of drought because some political genius decided that he would fill in the arroyos. Full of posers and full of old people. Next to Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands which is where the atomic bomb was first tested at in 1945,
which probably explains a lot. I suspect the nuclear fallout is affecting people's brains. Gossip runs rampant and if you live here it kind-of makes you want to kill yourself or others. Nice place though.
If you end up in Alamogordo, you will probably never get out.
At least not for long.
See you at Denny's!
by LaiRaye January 11, 2007
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A small city in southern New Mexico known for its proximity to the site of the first atomic explosion. Possibly due to the extreme radiation levels, Alamogordo is filled with rednecks, bible-thumpers and priss-mouthed old grundies who're more interested in controlling each others' sex lives than getting on with living. Alamogordo may possibly have the highest percentage of pedophiles and John Birch Society members in the USA.
I was thinking of killing myself but decided to move to Alamogordo instead.
by Upton O'Goode February 24, 2011
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