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A cute girl with a good sense of humor, and good personailty.
A really good friend and fun to hang around with.
She gets a bit weird from time to time, but she's amazing the way she is.
"She's such an Akshara"
by Barsaad August 20, 2011
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Akshara a extremely beautiful, hot talented and cute girl who has a good sense of humor.Akshara can be a great friend to have around. Akshara can also refer to a supermodel or a famous singer
Her eyes shine like beautiful stars and her skin is flawless. She looks like a beauty Greek god.
Akshara also means alphabets So the word akshara can also mean intelligent

Akshara is know for her beauty and perfection around the world. Akshara has a lot of talent but sometimes be weird too. She is know for her cute happy face.
For eg: woha she is soo pretty! Must be a akshara
by The girl next door333 February 18, 2018
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A two sided girl. She can be a an angel and a devil. She is untrustworthy, and is fake. She annoys many people, and will forget who her true friends are to hang out with the opposite gender just to get attention.
Te world should be rd of akshara's.
by hare_krishna March 09, 2019
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