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A Japanese word meaning demon or evil. A being with a dark aura of malice and death.
Aklorto: "Sigh, that person is an Akki. This is so troublesome"
Salunamoon: "Yeah, let us call the angels now."
by SK Sovereign May 03, 2017
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A loyal pup who stays by their owner's side. Typically thought of as a lap dog.
"Such a good Akki!"
by Abracadabr279Miguel June 12, 2017
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An asshole. A person who thinks they're mature, but will always contradict themselves and never listen. They will ruin your day just by looking at you. If you are in a friend group with Akki, get out of it immediately. They will have all the power in that group and will trick your friends into thinking that you are nothing. Do not trust Akki with your time, money, and friendship.
A: Should I be mean or should I be honest?
"Well Akki, how about both you dipshit"
by hoeassgrass June 14, 2018
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