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Akhil is a person who looks out for his friends and has their back no matter what. He is a trustful person who can also keep a secret. He makes his friends laugh all the time and keeps them happy no matter what.
by Cringe master May 22, 2018
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a player. hotty, a guy who can like more than one girl at a time
that guy is a akhil look at all the girls he has.

Dude im an akhil.
by bob April 06, 2005
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A type of dickhead that puts your name in the urban dictionary as a fuckboy, hoe, and rapist, so you gotta get back at him by putting him in the urban dictionary
This is why nobody fucking likes you Akhil
by A good friend punishing a dick December 19, 2017
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A fat lazy guy that says he is good at football.Has a best friend Daniel that is an idiot and has a gpa of 0.0 takes pictures of himself naked and put them on the internet. Claims he is good in bed but he has never been in it before.
Is that Akhil?

He is terrible
by JPEPPER29 April 01, 2017
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