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A basic girl pretty much. Not the most popular but will talk to almost everyone she knows. Has that best friend that is always self-conscious and always confides in them. Can keep a secret as long as you don't betray her in some way. Won't hesitate to leave you out of her life and won't try to keep you in it, if you want to leave, just leave. She will easily find someone to replace you without hesitation.
Girl 1#: Did you hear about what happened with Aiva and her boyfriend?
Girl 2#: Yeah, he cheated on her and she made it so he can't have kids again. Are you surprised?
by thatchickwithafewfriends March 05, 2017
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Emma: Why do Aiva's always have big breasts?
Jane: You noticed that too?! Hey Aiva, what's your bra size?
Aiva: Size G.
by Orangelanguage March 29, 2017
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Aiva's are a wild species of women, who are curvy and extremely sexy. No one knows why Aiva's are always so curvy and beautiful. Scientists can't tell if Aiva's are grown sexy after they're named Aivas, or one's parents sense that their daughters MUST be named Aiva at birth, all unknowing she will grow up to be a sexy big breasted, round assed, beautiful face, knockout of a woman. One thing is for sure though, Aiva's are always hot. Always.
Pregnant lady: "Honey, what should we name our daughter?"
Future dad: "Not sure...but I just have this urge to name her something with an A. How about Anna?"
Pregnant lady: "You know, I had a dream of a goddess named Aiva. Let's name her that!"
Future dad: "That sounds lovely. I looked it up and it means "bird" in Latin. Yeah, let's go with that"

(Unknowingly names their daughter the name that will give her a sexy body)
by Orangelanguage April 20, 2018
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the biggest fucking slut u will ever meet in your life. Aivas are such hoes that they will give any one or thing a blowjob. the fattest bitch on the planet earth.
if your name is aiva, just kill yourself now.
by 1BAMF-FAMF1 November 04, 2011
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