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A talented young woman who's very beautiful.she's usually a kind person,but the annoying people makes her very mad.she'll love just don't break her she's AWESOME
hey u see that girl over there
yeah she's totally a Airyn
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by babyairybear.11 July 16, 2017
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A girl who is very dumb, as though she is a blonde, but is probably actually emo. She laughs at everything, funny or not, and she most likely snorts. She is a nerd and probably a gamer. She may be hot.
Guy one: Dude, your girl is so Airyn.
Guy two: HEY she's hot.
by whowantstobang July 20, 2010
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A kind girl. Really pretty, and very understanding. Boy obsessed and loves a great laugh. She is dance crazy and is very talented too.
Airyn is so kind and a really good dancer!
by Katy Melburn October 27, 2013
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She is beautiful like you wouldn't believe even though she thinks shes not. Shell break your heart though so stay away from her. She will start talking to your brothers and phone fuck them and send them naked pics. And when you ask her shell say that there only friends but its a lie. She will lead you on for a year then dump you for your best friend even though hes a fucking wooly mammoth. Youll thought you were meant to be but it was just a dream. If you ask shellprobably send you pictures of her tits and her pussy. Dont trust her because shell betray you and then shoot you down every time you try and get her back. Shell never realize what shes missing out on. I still love her.
Airyn was my babe once but she was stolen by a fucking wetback who I thought was my bro.
Shell probably never see this.
by r1seofthefallen May 11, 2013
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