ear buds that apple has created that broke people can’t afford and anybody who owns airpods can’t hear / see / feel / smell broke. they don’t have wires so you can flex on everyone. people that own airpods literally are in love with each other and treat everyone else like peasants.
*has airpods in* sorry bitch i can’t hear your brokeness
by imsofye11 February 15, 2019
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Just Apple's old EarPods except the wires are cut off, it has Bluetooth, and you have your AirPods! Just cut off the wires from your EarPods, Then, Bluetooth will be activated! Voila, you have AirPods! Oooh, Oooh! Turn'em into AirPods Pro by adding Eartips! Want AirPods Max? Glue'em onto Headphones, and your Headphones will become Wireless!
I won't define AirPods, You know what it is BRUH! I'll just fill in the damn requirements.
by SpecialAspieRyanBoi December 30, 2022
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a teenage boy that will never be seen walking around without his airpods in. he doesn’t like to partake in pre-marital eye contact under any circumstances. is quite good looking and will talk to you 24/7 on snapchat but will pretend you don’t exist when he sees you irl.
“ive been talking to this cute guy, but he always ignores me irl
“is it him over there?”
“oh, he’s an airpods
by 5 star health rating August 24, 2020
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Thing that you afford when you are too broke to buy wires.
by minisebby04 February 20, 2019
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when someone takes your airpod
“damn Joe really just took my AirPod!”
“Joe totally airpodded you”
by uhlife June 5, 2020
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Idiots that thought wasting their money was a good idea.
"Airpod users are flexing all day!"
by Photonbeam September 17, 2019
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A more modern version of, “two peas in a pod.” It’s when you and another individual(s) thinking/actions are so closely related that it’s uncanny.
We both wanted to get them a fruit basket for their birthday, we really are two airpods, one case!
by dona sweet November 7, 2021
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