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A kick-ass heavy metal band/hard rock band that will finally save rock music from poser "Post Grunge" like Nickelback
dude 1: Heard of that new Australian band Airbourne?
dude 2: Hell Yeah! Will they save us from that crap that's flooding the active rock stations like Nickelback, Hinder, and Daughtry?
dud 1: Hell YEAH!! \m/-
by Floyd Henri January 28, 2008
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possibly the greatest rock and roll bands in the world today. Unfortunately for all rock and roll loving individuals gay fags ( gay misleading urban dictionary editor's/cock-lovers) state that Airbourne "copies" AC/DC. These people need to die now. Idiot mainstream radio stations shouldn't ever play Airbourne, because Airbourne is not gay.

Airbourne is not to be confused with gay mainstreamanizated piss weak faggot bands like linkin park and Wolfmother (which is gay and repetetive also).
simple simon : have you heard Airbourne's new album?
kevin: fuck yeah man it's way better than anything wolfmother would ever make
by keslan May 18, 2008
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Awesome hard rock/heavy metal band from Australia. Their albums - Runnin' Wild & No Guts. No Glory.

Their greatest songs - Runnin' Wild

No Way But the Hard Way


What's Eatin You
Check youtube for Airbourne music.
by šiovnzr January 22, 2011
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Adj. Something that is top of its class, a great experience. something that exudes a certain awesomeness.
Top notch, awesome, top tier, excellent, fetch.
That new asher roth album is airbourne.

That party last night was airbourne.
by CMSexton May 03, 2009
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A band that completely copies Ac/Dc with their sound and style.
joe: "i sure like airbourne"
bill: "yeah, bands that copy other bands are so cool."
by Qannabis King April 19, 2008
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