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v - to purchase the music of an American Idol finalist who lost to a much less talented singer. Added to language when finalist Chris Daughtry, who has sold over a million records, placed a paltry 4th place in season 5 of the hit show, losing to Taylor Hicks, who's album has not broken 100,000 sales.
I was so angry that Kathreine McPhee lost on Idol. It doesn't matter, because I am going to daughtry her album anyway.
by JerW. March 23, 2007
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Rock band made of singer Chris Daughtry, drummer Robin Diaz, bassist Josh Paul, and guitarists Brian Craddock and Josh Steely. Most popular songs are Home, Feels Like Tonight, It's Not Over, September, and No Surprise. Have two albums (Daughtry, and Leave This Town). Great band!
by YPIAG April 07, 2011
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Funniest man around will literally roast anyone gives 0 fucks and is the same around everyone he may go a little far but atleast he says it to your face, great at baseball and gets his hand pick of any girl
β€œDaughtry just fried our teacher”
thats Daughtry For you”
by Grace_b November 07, 2018
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