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A bulge in the pants that looks like a boner. It is usually caused by the pants' material bunching up. This is similar to a phoner but it is just air inside the pants instead of a phone. This is also the same thing as a foner.
Guy 1: "Why is everybody giving me weird looks today?"
Guy 2: "Probably because of what's happening down there."
Guy 1: "Oh, that's just an air boner."
by crappyjack September 20, 2009
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A definitely non-musical use for a trumpet or bassoon. Someone affixes a condom to the bell of a trumpet or bassoon, blows into the instrument, and the condom either stands erect or, if the instrument is blown harder, expands like a balloon!
I just made an air boner with my bassoon and everybody laughed!
by pentozali October 10, 2010
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