Aimer(Pronounced as "eme") is a Japanese singer and lyricist. Among her most popular songs we find "Kataomoi", "Brave Shine", etc., but nobody cares about that because she is a QUEEN. She IS the queen. Very underrated, she deserves the world and everybody's unconditional love. She is also known as my parent's main concern as I'm completely obsessed with her. I know I should be spending my money on therapy, but instead, I'm buying her discography and goods.
Tomorrow bitch broke, but today bitch happy -:).
Have you heard of Aimer?
Yes, she is fabulous! but where are her eyebrows?
by Almendra-:) July 19, 2021
a person who talks so much on AIM that the terms of which transfer over to face to face conversations
"OMG, LOL that's so funny! Wait, G2G TTYL!"
by forgetyou February 10, 2005
fatb0yshawtie23: omg, i' m such an aimer.
by alex February 27, 2004
Definition her
Definition her
by Aimerance November 21, 2021
Mom: what is that program you are ALWAYS on?!
by agsslynaza April 28, 2009
a fucking disgusting chin of a disgusting retard holy fuck is he ever a retard sperggy
by Tempahh November 21, 2019
LiSA is the greatest artiste in Japan, and obviously better than Aimer
LiSA>>>Aimer. Deal with it!
by OppaiNinja007 January 9, 2022