Aidai is powerful and strong women. She achieves success in any sphere she desires. She is independent and does not care about anyone's opinion. If you know Aidai, you have to be grateful to have this type of person with you because she spreads only positive emotions and she has an amazing atmosphere around her that make other people happy. This type of people are insanely beautiful inside and outside.
You are such Aidai, I am glad you are getting better and better.
by mevystal April 24, 2020
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Eshimova Aidai. May 21. 2007 :)
Girls with this name are strong in spirit! They are ready to do anything for their loved ones. They are very strong in spirit. They can stand up for themselves and their loved ones! Most often girls named Aidai It's very easy to lose, they need a lot of attention from you and support! Aidai loves cats and all animals. It's like the moon clean and bright day and night. The best girl!!!!
by November 21, 2021
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