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A loving, passionate woman with a heart of pure gold. Her opinions are honest and valuable; she is hardly ever wrong. Don't get in an argument with an 'Ahja', she'll be an amazing debater and will always win. She can be fierce like a tiger prowling the jungle, yet gentle and tender like an angel from heaven. She is trusting, faithful, and deserving of your full attention. You haven't known the true definition of beautiful until you've met an 'Ahja'. She is stunning, gorgeous, and shines brighter than any star you'll find in the Milky Way. Her voice can be compared to the soothing sound of angels harmonizing in song. She'll flash you a smile that will melt your heart and leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Her nose is perfect for giving eskimo kisses on a cold, winter night while cuddling up between warm and cozy blankets. She is perfect in her imperfections. If you ever meet and 'Ahja', fall in love with her and keep her forever.
Wow, Ahja has everything I could ever want in a girl. She is perfect for me.
by Thelittlesalami78 June 10, 2013
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A woman, generaly african american, with a great personality and extremely saucy attitude. Guys look at her and go "Damn, that is so Ahja." the way she smiles makes guys cum at the mouth.
That girl is so Ahja.
by ShaeAhjasWhiteSister. November 18, 2012
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