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A nickname for a discipline master in Serangoon Garden, who likes to use the singapore cane to whack latecomers.
Becareful!!! Ah Tan is at the door
by Bryan Oei March 31, 2005
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discipline master hu seems to strike fear in the hearts of students in Serangoon Garden.

various forms of torturous punishments like apolo turn, and the cock steaming cane. (where he wld let the guys watch porn and when it is straight, he wld whack it so hard u wish u nv had a dick)
"I have a prefect hu live in Jurong and he is never late for school!"

"George come here! Do the appolo turn now!"
by Tristan April 26, 2005
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An idiot with short pants, always saying words ending with "S". eg: yous', neares'. Sleep, breathe, eat and shower with his beloved singapore cane. He also live in a shithole surrounded by rattan so that he can make rotan. Proud discipline master of Serangoon Garden Sec.
Chee bye!!!! That bloody Ah Tan whack my vagina!!!!
by Hamzi April 01, 2005
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A name for someone who is close to you. He or she however is just a typical someone not exceptionally fun to be with.
Hey, our Ah Tan is here.
by heyyaww June 09, 2009
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