When someone dosent know how to spell offend
Sever rules

1 don't spam
2 don't affend
by Cash0915 March 23, 2018
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a new meme which defines another way of saying offended.
no one believes me, i'm affended

bro, the gc trolling us all the time im affended
by affendedaf March 17, 2017
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act of hurting or insulting someone
he is not a friendly person because he affend others
by affend easiest meaning February 5, 2018
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there is no word like affend it is just a way to pronounce word offence
no example for affend
by affend easiest meaning February 9, 2018
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An offensive event or happening that ends up in full on argument is an act resulting in an affendment
Guy says my butt hurts and I'm gonna shake it In front of your face. Girl says that is totally an affendment . Strike one bro.
by Aidan pugh August 19, 2011
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