A genius, beautiful, kind girl. This girl is a warrior beast of awesomeness. Not only is she the best friend anyone could ever have, but she could even be your life guide. She has been through a lot,so she has incredible wisdom and cares so much about everyone. She's super smart and will help you with anything. She's shockingly beautiful, your eyes will melt and your heart wil skip beats, so make sure your don't have heart problems when you stare at her. Besides, she's way out of your league and out of this world, forget about it.
What happened to his eyes!

The fool stared at aeva and his eyes melted off.
by Rockinsocks February 26, 2017
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A beautiful person that will make you feel great because she laughs at everything. someone that you can talk to and they will always lissen. you will start talking to her feeling the worst you’ve ever felt and end talking to them feeling amazing because of the nice things they say. They are always there for you whenever you need them and can make you smile I’m the worst times. Don’t get me started on how beautiful Aevas are they are no doubt the best looking person in the room and everyone’s jaw drops when looking at a Aeva your hella lucky if you have an Aeva and never take her for granted. Also she loves vines and hot people.
Damn look at Aeva

Aeva make me feel so good today
by Rose_rubyyy March 5, 2018
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Aeva is a beautiful silly SUSSY girl. Shes part of the Sussy Bussys, she's so fun and exciting to be around, there's never a boring time with her. She's one of my best friends and I'm happy she's my friend! She always makes me laugh even when I'm not in the mood to. She does some sussy stuff more then needed but I still love her. She has beautiful brown eyes and long dark brown hair. If you meet an Aeva keep her because there's no one else quit like her

by Blue_Eyed_Gal April 16, 2022
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Aeva is a girl who knows how to run. She plays lots of sports and she’s not ugly. She has no friends just family. She has Beautiful hazel eyes and long brown hair. She also has a beauty mark on her face. She loves the south and cats. She has always wanted to go to the beach someday. Aeva is a girl that can keep a secret. She also knows how to have a good time.
by Cafe244 March 25, 2018
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Tounge punching aevas is the best if your in the movies get ready because it’s about to go down.
Person at movies: is that an aeva oh shoot we better leave so she can do her thing
by Aeva lover December 13, 2021
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aeva, known as the best person on this planet is lawfully wedded to a cameron, and is a very skilled discord typer>33333 you may know her as a wonderful and awesome minecraft player but aeva is so much better than Deez

make sure to give aeva all your money and support
Woah!! Did you see aeva down that road...she's so Sexy!!
by deeznuts:// July 7, 2021
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