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She is beautiful, and loyal. You can trust her with your biggest secrets and talk to her about anything. She will always be herself and no one will judge her because she is confident and stunning. Aerianna is one of the best friends you'll ever have, never let her go. When it comes to having a partner, she is an amazing girlfriend to whomever has her heart. She will never let you down. Despite any insecurities she may have, she is amazing and will always be surrounded with great friends who will support and help her through anything, as she has a very good judgment in friends. In the end, Aerianna is one of the most amazing people you will meet, never let her go.
Emily: what do you think of Aerianna?
Bonnie: she's so loyal and beautiful

Emily: yeah I know! I hope we never lose her
Bonnie: me either!
by rosaleighx June 22, 2016
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Aerianna’s are the most amazing people you can meet! She is that one girl at school that dresses lazy but still looks so HOT. When hanging out with her she is the party. Even though Aerianna’s are super amazing and very pretty they do have another side... they are honestly psycho if u get on there bad side. Even though they are psycho they also are the most chill people you can meet. They always have unique traits and very crazy and loving!
Sam- Aerianna is so hot but such a thot
Jason- dude Ik maybe you to can date
by Gay thot October 29, 2018
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