Adyson is the type of girl you want to have forever. If you have a friend or girlfriend named Adyson never leave her. Sometimes she may not seem like she cares but deep down she cares more than anyone else. Adyson is the definition of perfect. She is often told she is beautiful but never let's it sink in. Adyson is loyal, kind, trustworthy, and a great person overall. If you have lost her make sure you apologize and become friends with her again right away. You won't regret it.
Adyson: "No one is perfect, but everyone is worth it."
by sisterfriend!. November 28, 2018
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A super amazing women. Full of life and love she is the epitome of perfection. She's often told how beautiful she is but never lets it get to her head. She really is one of a kind.
Oh Adyson you're so amazing.
by fabulositygiven February 3, 2010
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Someone who is an amazing friend to others and thinks of herself in ways she is not. She means a lot to people and would do anything for her friends and family. She enjoys being alone and watching Aphmau. She is a caring person that is all I have to say and should think of herself as an amazing person.
by Aaron Flame October 27, 2018
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Coolest person put on planet Earth, and more cooler than her bffs boyfriend
Adyson is too cool for life
by I’ May 21, 2018
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Adyson has a amazing personality..She will do anything for a boy...All the boys go wild when she's around.....she. an be very attractive and sexy
Adyson your so sexy
by Hotttttt676 January 24, 2017
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Yo Adyson, Wanna play some games?
Adyson: Sure bro! I'm down
by Dudeblob12 October 29, 2020
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Adyson is the girl of guys dreams they tend to be brutally beautiful. With very ideal body’s they also tend to be freaks in bed but that’s something they tend to deny. Overall Adyson is very sexy, loyal, and smart.
“Adyson is a hot mess
by Juan Rodriguez December 2, 2019
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