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One of the coolest women on the face of the earth. She's married to Billie Joe Armstrong, the gorgeous and talented lead singer and guitarist of American punk band Green Day, and no matter what you teenies care to believe, you are not competition for her and he will not divorce her to marry you. She manages to stay out of the annoyances of Hollywood and remain completely loyal to Billie Joe, as she also raises a family with him.
"Adrienne is the only woman I will ever love." -straight out of the horse's mouth, Billie Joe Armstrong
by S-a-r-a-h May 12, 2005
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Adrienne Nesser, is the woman married to frontman Billie Joe Armstrong of punk band Green Day. They married on July 2nd 1994 and later had to sons, Joseph Marcicano Armstrong and Jakob Danger Armstrong.
Adrienne Nesser is the only woman I will ever love ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
by Rebecca Louise March 10, 2006
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1. The luckiest woman on the face of the earth. Married to the gorgeous, talented, sexy, flamin' hot lead singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong. She married him on July 2, 1994. The service only lasted five minutes! The next day Adrienne found out she was pregnant. They then went to a hotel in Berkeley for their honeymoon, only a quick walk from their house. Claims Billie Joe couldn't get online if he tried. And no, Billie Joe will not leave Adrienne for you, you are no competition to her, and he is always loyal to her, saying she's the only woman he'll ever love, as they have two children together, Jakob Danger and Joseph Marciano. This is why in my fantasies, I'm not in love with Billie Joe. I'm Adrienne in my fantasies!
1. Adrienne Nesser is SO lucky.
2. I wish I was Adrienne Nesser.
by AllTheNamesAreTaken! March 01, 2006
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The coolest woman ever!!! She is so awsome! But hey you teenies, no way he ever leave her for you! They have been married for 12 years and they have two children, Joseph Marciano and Jakob Danger.
by Ummm... August 13, 2006
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Married to the hottest guy EVER in the history of guys, Billie Joe Armstrong!!!!!!!! She married him on July 2,1995 and has 2 kids names Joseph Merciano and Jacob Danger. She found out she was pregnant a day after her wedding. Billie met her at a show and they went out for a long time. I think if i was like 15 years older i'd be some competition for her!!!
Billie Joe is WAAAYYY too hot for Adrienne!!!
by BillieJoeArmstrong February 15, 2005
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