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Formally Adrienne Nesser, until she married Green Day's frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong in July 1994. Adrienne has been married to Billie Joe for almost 12 years and she has two beautiful children, Joseph Marcicano and Jakob Danger. Despite what many 12-15 year olds think, Billie Joe will not leave Adrienne for you, dream on.

Adrienne Armstrong, lives with her husband and two children in Berkeley, California.
by Rebecca Louise April 08, 2006
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Adrienne Nesser, is the woman married to frontman Billie Joe Armstrong of punk band Green Day. They married on July 2nd 1994 and later had to sons, Joseph Marcicano Armstrong and Jakob Danger Armstrong.
Adrienne Nesser is the only woman I will ever love ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
by Rebecca Louise March 10, 2006
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